If you are a pet owner, you’ll surely know how hard it is to leave your furry family behind for vacations or business travels. Good thing there are other family members that can pet sit for you. BUT what if they are also not available to care for your pets? Well, lucky for your pets we have finally opened our PET HOTEL here in Iligan City! If you’re asking, “Why should I bring my pet to a fancy place when I can just ask a friend for a favor? “Sure you can do that if you have friends and relatives you can trust. But your friend also has other responsibilities like work and go out with friends. Here’s a list of why we love Pet Hotels!

Professional Attention

Rest assured that the people that will attend to your fur babies also has a huge heart for them!  You won’t have to worry about them because they’ll be well cared for by highly trained pet caretakers.

Dog Walk / Play Time

Instead of being cooped-up alone inside your house while you’re away, in a pet hotel, your pets will be able to enjoy the company of their caretaker. There will be a time for a walk and play to keep them entertained so that they won’t miss you that much!

Proper Supervision

Pet Hotel facilities are equipped with security cameras and scheduled monitoring for every pet. Food intake will also be highly monitored so that they won’t starve or be overfed. If they have special nutritional requirements, the caretakers will be able to meet their needs.

Regular Bathing and Grooming

The problem of being away means you can’t give your pets the regular grooming that they should be getting. At a pet hotel, you won’t have to worry about that. Some facilities offer bathing and grooming services as long as you instruct them to do so! Through our pet hotel services, your pets are secured in their own space. We provide private accommodations for your pets to lower the risk of injuries and prevent the dog or cat from feeling threatened. Plan your next getaway with your pets in mind! May you all have a worry-free vacation and book them in our Pet Hotel!