Shallow Aquarium is our recent aquascape obsession and we are exploring more of it! This unique nature aquarium will give any space a character and a wow factor. Expose decorative materials such as wood, rocks, and plants above the water to add depth and dimensions. Connecting the world above and underwater.

Shallow aquariums are easy to maintain. With the low water volume, you won’t also have to get your hands wet when pruning with tweezers and scissors. Picking the right plants and fish is not hard for this setup. You can pick plants that can grow above water and some also produce flowers.  If the aquarium is in a relatively low position, it can be easily viewed from above; mimicking a natural pond!

The new shallow series of tanks by Petscapes offers a unique lower profile with the same depth as the Standard offerings. Clean and sleek, the vibrant colors of the natural world held inside will come to life. Different dimensions are now available for purchase. No matter how small or big, these multi-sized tanks are the perfect way to start a unique nature aquarium!