In a couple more hours we are officially welcoming the New Year! Celebration with family and friends over good food and conversation plus a cool fireworks display! Unfortunately, our furbabies aren’t a huge fan of fireworks. In fact, it can be stressful for pets!
Here’s a guide on how to keep your pets safe and sound during the stressful situation:

First of all, remember that your pet may be disoriented and even display some out-of-character behaviour including jumping, biting, scratching or hiding.

1. Double check all your windows and doors. Make sure they are closed, a frightened pet may push through a screen that is not secured.
2. Before the festivities begin, you can do some exercise to tire them out.
3. Give them all the love and attention! Distract them with the noise and try to create a safe and cozy place for your pets to relax! You may also play some soothing music to calm their nerves.
4. Keep them in an isolated room where they won’t be able to see the fireworks, removing the visual stimulus will assist in keeping them calm.
5. Out of town? Make sure the pet sitter knows these steps in order for them to feel safe and sound! Have them book in a Pet Hotel too! 🙂

We hope that you and your pets will have a fun and relaxing New Year’s Eve. Help your pets enjoy this day by following these simple tips. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!