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About Petscapes

Petscapes is an expressive pet store and café where pet owners and their furbabies can come to be groomed, socialize and shop. Get to experience the warm tranquility of our nature aquariums and good coffee in one store. We aim to create sensory experiences for our customers that will surely be a unique one for everyone who enters!


We always express our advocacy in promoting responsible pet ownership in all our events. This is with the aim to help promote proper pet care/practices. In doing so, it lessens the generation of pet-related diseases. This also contributes to a positive pet and owner relationship.

We aim to create a social environment where the pet owners can enjoy a good cup of coffee and appreciate nature through our nature aquariums. They do so while they have their pets groomed. We provide only the best pet accessories and food available on the market. And our team is confidently optimistic about choosing the perfect product for your pets

We continuously ensure that we always create warm, sensory and positively strong emotional experiences and interactions with our customers and their pets.


Petscapes Family

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Pet Grooming

Your pet deserves to be pampered

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Aquascaping Services

Beautifully designed Nature Aquariums

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Pet Accessories

Only the best food and accessories

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Coffee Shop

Grab some coffee while you wait

Why Choose Us?

There are many, many ways that Petscapes is different than other pet grooming, pet store, and cafe facilities. These are what sets us apart from the rest.

Warm Customer Service

We treat our customers in a more personal and warm manner. We don’t base our philosophy on selling the most merchandise, but instead, we listen to our customers’ needs and help find solutions to their problems. We prefer to have satisfied customers who will leave the store feeling optimistic so that they will likely return.

Passionate and Experienced Staff

As pet lovers and owners themselves, our staff has the passion to truly care about the well-being and safety of pets that are groomed. The staff is well-experienced in their own fields. We believe that passion and experience fuels confidence. We ensure all clients get an individualized experience. Surely, we provide the warmth that characterizes us.

Quality and Reasonably-priced Products

Maybe we don’t have the cheapest prices or deal with the cheapest brands, but we seek the greatest variety of quality products possible. We offer high-quality products and products that other stores don’t normally carry. These include local homemade pet treats and exotic aquarium plants and fishes.

Location, Layout and Ambiance

The store is of a prime location and easily accessible with available parking slots for our customers’ convenience. We also provide a comfortable atmosphere, where owners can bring in pets while shopping or dining, which makes us the ONLY pet-friendly café in town. We create a calming and soothing ambiance from cool music while enjoying free WIFI access.

  • icon-locationDoor 2 GM Arcade, Quezon Ave. Ext., Palao, Iligan City
  • icon-phone(63) 228-1931 | (63) 906-2911271
  • icon-mailinfo@petscapes.com.ph